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Seven tips to learn how to organize your day efficiently

Making time for everything we want to do is, especially nowadays, one of the biggest difficulties for anyone who wants to succeed in the business world. Time seems to slip through our fingers, making us never have the opportunity to do everything we want, accumulating tasks for the next day. And with this comes a snowball effect: one task accumulates for the next day, then for the next, for another and for the other, until we come to a time when we no longer have the means to focus on the essential and We ended up leaving work accumulated by doing.

For those who want to succeed in their own business or working for another person, controlling time becomes a fundamental tool, so as to be more efficient, being one step ahead of all the competition and managing to produce more and better than the Colleague on the side. Controlling time means having a few hours to analyze the market, see how competitors work, or study your company's problems. With free time you will end up focusing more on the way things are done to stop being just a producer. In a short interview Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, was asked how much of his time he spent in the office. He answered "reading." Buffet analyzes the market before acting and understands the importance of being always one step ahead of competitors.

Steven Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People tells the story of the woodcutter who is constantly cutting trees but does not stop for a second to sharpen his saw because he is only focused on working. With more free time you will have more time to "sharpen your saw", being able to be more productive, improving your production techniques and thereby be more efficient, improving the quality of your work.


Often we think that we control all the hours we spend working but at the end of the day we always end up with cumulative work and chores to do at home. Taking work to finish at home, when these hours should be to spend more time with your family and friends, is the biggest problem of those who do not organize your day well. It is important to have time for everything: work, family, leisure, study or sport. Those who do not organize their day are usually focused on only one or two tasks, thinking that they do not have time to do the rest and expect the wife to understand that she has to work hard or that she then compensates for the race she did not do at the end of the afternoon Because he had to finish a report.

You will NOT really be in control of your time if:

  • You are only focused on working, leaving other basic tasks for you like spending time with family or watching a good movie.
  • You feel that you are constantly producing without stopping to think what you are doing. Sit down a machine that makes everything always the same.
  • Accumulates work at the end of the day, weekend and vacations. For you every day of the year is to work because you always have work to do.
  • When asked if you're okay, you always respond "I've had a lot of work to do, I do not stop."
  • Start the day but feel you have a lot to do and do not know for another to start. For you all tasks have an equal weight and are all essences.


If indeed the above phrases seemed to you extremely familiar it is important that you follow the steps that I will speak below. Controlling time is not an easy task and, like personal discipline, can take months to learn. A person who has been disorganized all his life may not want to be an organizing machine overnight. It is a process that takes time and must be internalized, so that it begins to be part of your life.


To accomplish this task I advise you to have an agenda. Just because using a simple sheet of paper will always tend to put in the pocket or a corner of the desk and this will be enough so that sometimes comes to the end of the day without knowing your simple role. With the agenda you will always have your day well organized and still with the possibility to consult what you did the day before, look for phone numbers or addresses.

You will organize your day in the morning or the night before it already depends on your personal taste. Either option has its pros and cons. I personally prefer to organize myself the night before, because I still have the day that was well present in my head and I also guarantee two moments to think about my daily organization: the night before and in the morning when I wake up and see my day organized.


When I started to organize my day one of the biggest difficulties was to define what was really essential or not. When we fill our agenda we put there a list that is equivalent to a grocery list and we think that our day is organized there. Nothing is more wrong than this, because not all the tasks to be performed have the same importance.

When making your list, define the most important subjects to work on. Sometimes a number ahead in ascending order because of its importance is sufficient. Going to the grocery store will never be as important as a meeting with a customer who wants to close a deal. Do not get lost with subjects that can little increase your productivity.


Talk about organizing time often think only in the moment, in the day itself. When I talk about planning, I do not just write a list on your paper to do that day, but plan your week or even the month. But what's the point of making such long-term plans?

First, planning the week or month does not mean planning in the long run. We may consider it in the long run for a year or more.

Knowing what you are going to do all week can prevent you from leaving everything to last of the hour. Imagine that in one week you have 17 tasks to do. If you choose to perform only one indispensable task on the first two days of the week, you will have five more days left with three indispensable tasks every day. This kind of pressure and wear would be avoidable if you had planned the week.

If you have a plan of your month you can imagine what you want for your future. If you plan on a daily basis, you will be constantly "fending off".


Do you remember those college classmates who left their work for the last day and miraculously managed to do it? Of course the quality was not always better, but it was a fact that the work was done. But how could this be impossible? How could those students who did little during the whole period of doing the work manage to do this at the last minute?

The answer to this question is called Parkinson's Law. This law says that "the greater will be your ability to concentrate the less time available to perform a task." That is, those students who leave everything to the last minute are doing and focus only on that work because they have little time to accomplish it, even if it involves not sleeping.

It is obvious that I do not advise you to leave everything to last of the hour much less to stop sleeping. What I say is to put an end time and to fulfill that hour. That way you will feel pressured to accomplish this task, concentrating only on it and raising your full potential.


Many times we want to do everything and we end up doing nothing. It's no use creating a huge to-do list and then failing to complete half of them. When carrying out your list, place only a possible number of tasks to perform. I advise you to choose less tasks and experiment and see how you can perform tasks on a daily basis. I put in a maximum of three indispensable tasks for my day. More than that is to promise something that I can not fulfill and that is not the goal. If you have only one indispensable task, then you will be sure to fulfill it.


Succeeding to complete all that is proposed is undoubtedly a personal victory because it means that it organized well and was productive. The next step to completing all your tasks will be to make up for your victory. This is the same as with children when they have a good grade in a test. Give yourself a gift.

Spend an hour with the family, go jogging or watch a football game. In that moment enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and relax. Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that you have some free time so you will enjoy to complete some more tasks that were not even scheduled. There is no harm in having a time just for you.


I would like to pay close attention to this last point. Organizing your day is for you to be more productive and have more free time for you. Sometimes people try to organize themselves but they get more and more busy. This is because they start serving the agenda for otherwise. If this happens stop and review how you are managing your day. Do not be a slave to your schedule.

Thinking about organizing our day is a very interesting subject that can be very useful for those who want to succeed in the business world. But as I said earlier, it is not an easy task and requires persistence, as you will have to see which methods work best for you. Following the seven tips I've explained in the text is essential to avoid any problems created by inexperience.

If you have ever tried to organize your time explain how you did it and leave a comment. In case you start to try our tips share your experience!

Hugs and good organization!


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