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Top 10 Most Scary Movie Monsters

The sacred movie monsters are not just names like Clint Eastwood or Paul Newman.

The reference here are totally unique creatures, made by the brightest (or sickest) minds in the film industry, who have terrorized from a small group of people trapped in a space freighter to whole cities.

Here's a list of the 10 scariest:

10) Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic Park promised and fulfilled. It brought life to the most fascinating animals that ever walked the planet Earth, but that no man had the pleasure (or displeasure) to find walking around. Of all, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most terrifying. Not only because of the size of its wingspan, but also because of the screams it issued in the first film, in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle (?), Or in "Lost World", when the T-Rex decided to take a trip around San Diego, Destroying entire neighborhoods while Jeff Goldblum chased him into a red cadillac.

9) King Kong

He may even have a monster size, but King Kong has always been much more than a gigantic creature that detonates planes at the top of the Empire State Building. I have always interpreted the great gorilla as a human allegory of "estrangement." After all, he is prejudiced especially by his animalistic appearance, but his behavior in the natural habitat could not be more human. Kong was not exactly a gore-eater or a well-armed alien creature, he was just a mammal in search of an ideal female. Can you relate well to this monster thinking on this side, no?

8) Gwoemul

The best Korean film of the last times (The Host) has brought to light one of the worst monsters ever seen in the movies. Both in anatomy and in cruelty. The creature out of the Han River, it's here! He devoured everything he could reach and made misery with a nice family of riverbank dwellers. Gwoemul is truly a mutant arisen from human neglect and who now turns against his accidental creators with a savage and unforgiving rage. His only problem was to belittle the power of a normal family ...

7) Clovie

He does not have a proper name, but fans have nicknamed him Clovie. The cloverfield monster has no identity, no origin and no end. Her resources are at the base of physical attributes, great as a skyscraper, Clovie arrives destroying the Statue of Liberty and furthermore throwing her cubs (?) Over the defenseless population of New York. Buildings, tanks, people, Clovie goes through everything without pain. His greatest ally is his agility that does not allow him to be clearly seen by the frightened eyes of the population. Your fate is uncertain.

6) The Fly

And speaking of Jeff Goldblum, he himself was not so scared before T-Rex because in a past life he knew very well what it was like to be a monster. And, by the way, one of the worst. Gosmento, disgusting and super powerful. Thanks to an invention of his own, the scientist played by Goldblum ended up merging with a fly. That's right, in an attempt to teleport, he let the machine join his DNA to that of a most annoying insect. The result could only be terrifying, even more so to Geena Davis (who at the time still played helpless young girls). One of my favorite movies and that yielded a minor follow up with the excellent Eric Stoltz.

5) Godzilla

I'm not talking about the mutant creature out of French Polynesia and easily domesticated by Ferris Bueller, I'm talking about the alien monster that destroyed and saved Tokyo more than I could count. Godzilla is not a monster, he is an icon of terror and heroism, which has made history in the Eastern cinema several times, presenting to the world several other creatures, being my favorite Mothra, a discreetly giant butterfly that has already destroyed the Tokyo Tower and Has made the Japanese hostage numerous times, but that may be ridiculously unsuccessful with the right song.

4) Shark

After him, I was afraid to go into the sea. Steven Spielberg's white shark is a monster for anyone to fault. It strikes especially when citizens are partying or when an inattentive child decides to swim far beyond the beach just for fun. His fin is the warning beyond the grinding musical theme that made us shiver from head to toe. Fishing it is impossible, the only way to end it is by blowing it offshore. Easy right? So until I ...

3) Predator

There is nothing worse in a monster than being aware of its monstrosity. Most of the above creatures act by natural (or supernatural) instincts. The Predator acts by strangely civilizing impulses. His weapons are superior, his ability has launched the stars and we even have clues that his cultural influence was decisive even for humans. However, this does not prevent them from occasionally falling on Planet Earth in search of a few heads to hunt. Who the devil has determined that in an advanced civilization, the carnage is something unthinkable? Certainly not the Americans ...

2) Alien

Sigourney Weaver who says so, does not have anyone in the alien monstrosity! The "Alien," an unnamed creature, sums up all the paranoia that men have about the "stranger." A creature developed to kill, apparently without social organization and only reproduces itself destroying the life in which it reproduced, the classic "parricide". Whether it's a space ship, an interplanetary colony or even a criminal planet, Alien attacks without taking prisoners and nothing, absolutely nothing, gets in your way. Would a good pet be tamed would not it?

1) Hannibal Lecter

It is impossible to speak of monsters and rule out the worst of them, the man himself. Okay, this is not a nihilistic view of civilization, it's just a reminder that humanity has done (and continues to do) a number of terrible things and never needed acid blood or claws for it. Hannibal Lecter is the super-sumo of monstrosity, a well-educated, refined person, fully integrated into society who, one fine night, decided to eat people and fry their livers accompanied by a Chianti. Lecter is a monster aware of his "monstrosity", his victims not only suffer in the flesh, but also in their spirits. Clarice Starling realized that living with the fearsome doctor, the little hope she had in world peace was exhausted at the same time as the cannibal's favorite wine.


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The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's Phrases

One really needs to be smart to understand the jokes cracked in The Big Bang Theory. If not smart, at least have an interest in the geeky world outside. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny represent a perfect example of four geeks and one blonde.
The Big Bang Theory focuses on five different characters living in Pasadena, California, and longtime fans will tell you that when it comes to comic relief, there is no funnier than Sheldon Cooper.
Without any doubt, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the show stopper, stealer, and the star of The Big Bang Theory. It’s like he has evolved 100 years ahead but has returned in a time machine that is now stuck in the 21st century.
Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with an ingenious IQ, but almost a total lack of social skills. The inability of HIs to show humility or empathy toward the other characters on the show has been a long gag during all 9 seasons. Sheldon's unique personality has given us some truly hilarious lines over the years and it…

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What does Bazinga mean

In The Big Bang Theory, Leonard tries to have Sheldon pay attention to him, but it's too late. Sheldon submerges in the pool of colored balls and disappears from his sight. Tired of being ignored, Leonard decides to enter to force him out, but is unable to catch him. Each time he believes he knows where he is, Sheldon appears on the opposite side. His head appears, surrounded by colored balls, and with a smiley face he exclaims:
- Bazinga!
And dive back in.
The expression "bazinga" comes from a video game called:
Bubble Bazinga In which, when the player gets more than ten thousand points with a single shot, they blow the trumpets and a voice shouts:
Bazinga! The video game is not very well known - because it is a clone of another much more popular, the:
Puzzle Bobble But it is possible that Sheldon played and memorized the word. The term originates from the expression:
Zing! That is used, in a joking context, to make it clear that we are making fun of somebody.
Sheldon uses the…

The two big questions we should ask ourselves when we have a new project

It is said that the difference between dream and goal is to set a date for its realization, but Ronaldo Burla - a great friend with whom I learned many things - went a little further in the materialization of dreams.
More than motivation and focus, he developed two questions that define and plan their execution when they are answered:

If not now, when?
If it's not you, who will it be?
I hope they can help you in the same way that you have helped me.
Thank you Ronaldo.

Have you asked these three questions for yourself today?

What prevents most people from leading the life of their dreams

The answer is simple ...
money But we need to redefine our attitude toward money.
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Basically, we want to believe that we have a special role to play that will make the world a better place.
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Gradually, we succumb to the belief that we can not break free from our current situation and begin to make concessions ...
Our image of how we want to live our life, sooner or later, begins to fade, and before we know it, life is over ...
Learn to see money from different perspectives.
For, while it may keep us from harnessing our potential to the fullest, it also helps us to become the best we can be!

What is your legacy?

Today I was scared when I went to make an Internet purchase with a new credit card I had just received.
When the site asked me to provide the expiration date of the card, I discovered that the card has a validity greater than mine!
That reminded me the other day, when an 86-year-old lady told me that she had found an "old lady" in the church ...
I had to interrupt her by asking:
"- Please, let me define 'old lady.'"
"- Oh, she must be about 90 years old," – she replied.
After all, what is life?
Guimarães Rosa, physician and Brazilian writer, in his book "Grande Sertão Veredas" wrote:
"Living is very dangerous." Living is indeed dangerous. But what about birth, then?
Have you ever imagined how difficult it is to be born?
It is so difficult that nature is wise, hiding in memory the moment of birth and the first months of life.
It is so shocking to get out of the womb that it is "erased" from our memory so we do not suffer.
For the …


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Sheldon's Phrases - The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory focuses on five different characters living in Pasadena, California, and longtime fans will tell you that when it comes to comic relief, there is no funnier than Sheldon Cooper.Undoubtedly, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the cork of the show, the thief and star of The Big Bang Theory. It's as if he had evolved 100 years ahead, but returned in a time machine that is now stuck in the 21st century.Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with an ingenious IQ, but almost a total lack of social skills. The inability of the HIs to demonstrate humility or empathy toward the other characters on the show was a long friendship during all 9 seasons. Sheldon's unique personality has given us some really fun lines over the years and it's easy to see why actor Jim Parsons won four Emmy Awards for playing the part.In this application are Sheldon Cooper's most entertaining quotes fro…

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