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Vampiric Anatomy


The vampire can regenerate quickly from any injury by pumping blood to the spot. By having super strong and concentrated blood, platelets act millions of times faster than in humans. The vampire alone can not regenerate from sunburn or by fire because the blood gets very heated when burned and temporarily loses its properties until it lowers its temperature.

Immune system

Vampires are immune to any kind of deadly disease. Note: There are rumors of vampiric diseases that even induce the victim to die. And it is also rumored that some mortal diseases, such as Ebola, for example, can kill, even indirectly, because it causes the victim to expel all blood.

Respiratory System

Vampires definitely do not breathe unless they want to because they're dead. And even if they want to breathe they need a certain skill.

Digestive System

The vampire's digestive system does not work. The only food that does not have rejection in our bodies is the blood, everything else happens as follows: The ingestion of any kind of liquid, other than blood causes a terrible discomfort to the vampire and is expelled through sweat or tears . If drunk in large quantities, the liquid is vomited by the vampire. Solids eaten, in general, cause a bad feeling in the vampire and are vomited along with plenty of blood.


Historically, vampire skin was characterized as being dark and thick, unlike today, where the vampire appears in films and stories with extremely cold and white skin. The idea of ​​vampiric skin being dark came first with Paul Barber, who justified such a fact, saying that vampires were like degrading bodies in their crypts, so they should behave the same way.

But today, this fact is extremely combatant, because it is said that because they are creatures typically nocturnal, the vampires do not get to see the light of the sun, therefore, there is no activity of their pigments responsible for the darkening of the skin and as a consequence we have A soft white skin. One can also observe a pink skin in a vampire, coming from new blood running through his body.
Anne Rice describes the vampire's skin as being transparent, getting the same color as the human being's skin when it immediately feeds on blood, lightening gradually, returning its transparent hue after such a process. Lestat mentions at various times the use of powder, to leave his skin with the coloration next to that of a human being.


From the earliest times blood represents as an icon, the symbol of life. Blood running through our arteries and veins always meant the continuity of living. The loss of this in excess means loss of consciousness, breathing, movements and why not say, life. It should also be said that only in the living does this blood flow, in the dead, such blood loses this mobility and coagulates, being kept in the body during putrefaction. During all history the blood has some meaning in the religious area and or related to sacrifices, for example, in the pagan era, our ancestors used this as a sacrifice, provoking their shedding to their Gods. Even today the blood still has this importance, it is enough to mention the Catholic Church, where in the Eucharist we have as representation the body and blood of Christ.
It seems fitting, then, that a creature, which is the antithesis between life and death, receives its vigor and vitality from blood from human beings. For the vampire, the act of feeding on the blood is his life, his daily life, his need. Regardless of the origin or the culture of this.

With the advancement of the times, and concomitantly with the availability of technology and medicine to the masses, this need for blood for the vampire has undergone its modifications. In some books this need had been related to anemic pictures, hypovolemia, among others. Even in Bram Stoker's Dracula, we quote a blood transfusion made on Lucy, a vampire, in order to purify her blood.
Blood is what animates a vampire, which gives this his vitality, being that it can come from an animal or even from a human being. To exert any movement or attitude the vampire needs this, because the heart pumps it to the region that is in activity. Because of this his voracity to obtain such blood may be related to a beast seeking its prey. Anne Rice had already said in her books that such a quest for blood by the vampire would function as a curse or a demon that makes them act in such a way, so impulsive, so violent.


As previously quoted, the vampire needs to obtain blood for its survival, thus being observed and quoted in technical books or even novels, the morphophysiological adaptation to obtain this blood, which would come from an adaptation in its dental arch, with the elongation of Their canines, which can be designed, so that the vampire possesses greater ease in reaching the jugular vein in the neck of his victim. Blood can also be obtained via the radial artery.


In the medieval era, we have no account of a vampire's hair, but Anne Rice cites in her books that upon entering the vampire world, the vampire remains with her haircut, not growing anymore, and even if it is cut , Resumes its original size.


In Ancient History, it was believed that one of the characteristic signs in a body, whether or not this was a vampire, was its nails. It was believed that with the entrance to the vampiric world, the creature lost its old nails and developed new, thus exhumed bodies, at that time, that presented resistant nails, that even the whole body being consumed by the fire, these nails presented themselves whole , These soon suffered the introduction of a stake in his chest and were placed the light of the sun to be burned.


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The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's Phrases

One really needs to be smart to understand the jokes cracked in The Big Bang Theory. If not smart, at least have an interest in the geeky world outside. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny represent a perfect example of four geeks and one blonde.
The Big Bang Theory focuses on five different characters living in Pasadena, California, and longtime fans will tell you that when it comes to comic relief, there is no funnier than Sheldon Cooper.
Without any doubt, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the show stopper, stealer, and the star of The Big Bang Theory. It’s like he has evolved 100 years ahead but has returned in a time machine that is now stuck in the 21st century.
Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with an ingenious IQ, but almost a total lack of social skills. The inability of HIs to show humility or empathy toward the other characters on the show has been a long gag during all 9 seasons. Sheldon's unique personality has given us some truly hilarious lines over the years and it…

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What does Bazinga mean

In The Big Bang Theory, Leonard tries to have Sheldon pay attention to him, but it's too late. Sheldon submerges in the pool of colored balls and disappears from his sight. Tired of being ignored, Leonard decides to enter to force him out, but is unable to catch him. Each time he believes he knows where he is, Sheldon appears on the opposite side. His head appears, surrounded by colored balls, and with a smiley face he exclaims:
- Bazinga!
And dive back in.
The expression "bazinga" comes from a video game called:
Bubble Bazinga In which, when the player gets more than ten thousand points with a single shot, they blow the trumpets and a voice shouts:
Bazinga! The video game is not very well known - because it is a clone of another much more popular, the:
Puzzle Bobble But it is possible that Sheldon played and memorized the word. The term originates from the expression:
Zing! That is used, in a joking context, to make it clear that we are making fun of somebody.
Sheldon uses the…

The two big questions we should ask ourselves when we have a new project

It is said that the difference between dream and goal is to set a date for its realization, but Ronaldo Burla - a great friend with whom I learned many things - went a little further in the materialization of dreams.
More than motivation and focus, he developed two questions that define and plan their execution when they are answered:

If not now, when?
If it's not you, who will it be?
I hope they can help you in the same way that you have helped me.
Thank you Ronaldo.

Have you asked these three questions for yourself today?

What prevents most people from leading the life of their dreams

The answer is simple ...
money But we need to redefine our attitude toward money.
Instead of letting it dictate each of our actions, we must see it as a resource that serves as support for all areas of our lives.
We all have dreams and a certain idea of how we want to live life.
Basically, we want to believe that we have a special role to play that will make the world a better place.
But unfortunately, routine and "real life" often prevent us from turning our dreams into reality, making us forget a little more each day that WE DESERVE to live that dream.
Gradually, we succumb to the belief that we can not break free from our current situation and begin to make concessions ...
Our image of how we want to live our life, sooner or later, begins to fade, and before we know it, life is over ...
Learn to see money from different perspectives.
For, while it may keep us from harnessing our potential to the fullest, it also helps us to become the best we can be!

What is your legacy?

Today I was scared when I went to make an Internet purchase with a new credit card I had just received.
When the site asked me to provide the expiration date of the card, I discovered that the card has a validity greater than mine!
That reminded me the other day, when an 86-year-old lady told me that she had found an "old lady" in the church ...
I had to interrupt her by asking:
"- Please, let me define 'old lady.'"
"- Oh, she must be about 90 years old," – she replied.
After all, what is life?
Guimarães Rosa, physician and Brazilian writer, in his book "Grande Sertão Veredas" wrote:
"Living is very dangerous." Living is indeed dangerous. But what about birth, then?
Have you ever imagined how difficult it is to be born?
It is so difficult that nature is wise, hiding in memory the moment of birth and the first months of life.
It is so shocking to get out of the womb that it is "erased" from our memory so we do not suffer.
For the …


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Sheldon's Phrases - The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory focuses on five different characters living in Pasadena, California, and longtime fans will tell you that when it comes to comic relief, there is no funnier than Sheldon Cooper.Undoubtedly, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is the cork of the show, the thief and star of The Big Bang Theory. It's as if he had evolved 100 years ahead, but returned in a time machine that is now stuck in the 21st century.Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with an ingenious IQ, but almost a total lack of social skills. The inability of the HIs to demonstrate humility or empathy toward the other characters on the show was a long friendship during all 9 seasons. Sheldon's unique personality has given us some really fun lines over the years and it's easy to see why actor Jim Parsons won four Emmy Awards for playing the part.In this application are Sheldon Cooper's most entertaining quotes fro…

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